We bring health IT solutions to global health partners in developing countries.
No electricity? No problem.

Our purpose

Global Health Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit strengthening health clinic IT infrastructure in developing countries. We provide an all-in-one, portable electronic medical record (EMR) system that can be set-up and operated by non-technical individuals. EMR’s drive efficiency in healthcare delivery by providing a mechanism to manage patient-care longitudinally, facilitating medication inventory management, and creating a registry of data. Using the data from the EMR, we provide data visualizations and analytics which enable our partners to improve health outcomes for both patients and their respective communities. Some of the tools we implement include:


OpenMRS is a robust, scalable, user-driven, open-source medical record system and global health community.


Bahmni is an intuitive open-source EMR. It combines and enhances existing open-source products into a single solution.


Tableau is a visual data analytics platform to create interactive dashboards that drive data insights.

About Us

We have the moral imperative to even the playing field.

Healthcare providers in developing countries are utilizing limited resources to provide dignity to underserved communities and in return, the communities teach the world by defining resilience. Further upstream, it's the Universities, global health organizations, health systems, and governments providing support to providers on the frontlines of global health. The Global Health Coalition strengthens global health partners because we uniquely understand their needs and constraints.

We're a non-profit organization with a passion for problem-solving, data, and global health. Our vision is steadfast and our goal is clear; we are building healthier communities in areas of the world often overlooked. At the Global Health Coalition, we have the moral imperative to even the playing field.

  • I. Needs assessments

    We perform needs assessments at global health clinics. Alongside our partners, we develop a comprehensive plan that strengthens infrastructure and meets the needs of the community.


    We travel to developing countries and implement health IT solutions in resource-constrained environments. Training our partners and local staff is how we promote self-sufficiency.

  • III. Maintenance

    We provide ongoing maintenance of health IT solutions. Adapting to new technology can be challenging so we make sure to provide a safety net for our global health partners.

  • IV. Data analytics

    We build valuable tools enabling our global health partners to engage their stakeholders, derive population health insights, and improve clinic efficiency. From resource allocation to disease prevalence, easy to understand data impacts a community.


"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." -Mahatma Gandhi

A special thanks to all of our volunteers...

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