End-to-end data driven healthcare solutions for our world's poorest communities

Our purpose

We deploy an electronic medical record (EMR) system and provide remote training to make healthcare delivery easier for local healthcare providers and medical teams. Managing a clinic becomes easier with instant information such as how many patients are waiting to be seen by a provider or how many medications were dispensed during a given day. For our partners that fund and operate health clinics around the world, we unlock longitudinal patient data and provide a data analytics and visualization platform to engage key stakeholders and drive high-powered research. If our partner health clinics choose to compare or share data with other health clinics, we de-identify patient data and provide a novel way to drive comparative studies and benchmark health outcomes. Our end-to-end data driven healthcare solution is scalable, so more partners yields more data, and more data equates to a greater ability to work closely with the largest global health organizations to scale evidence-based health interventions in our world's poorest communities. Some of the tools we utilize include:

Electronic Medical Record

Using an electronic medical record (EMR) in a health clinic provides access to real-time data and longitudinal trends

Data Visualization Platform

By unlocking data in a data visualization dashboard, data drives insight discovery, intervention, and outcomes evaluation

About Us

We have the moral imperative to even the playing field.

Healthcare providers in developing countries are utilizing limited resources to provide dignity to underserved communities and in return, the communities teach the world by defining resilience. Further upstream, it's the Universities, global health organizations, health systems, and governments providing support to providers on the frontlines of global health. The Global Health Coalition strengthens global health partners because we uniquely understand their needs and constraints.

We're a non-profit with a passion for problem-solving, data, and global health. Our vision is steadfast and our goal is clear; we are building healthier communities in areas of the world often overlooked. At the Global Health Coalition, we have the moral imperative to even the playing field.

  • EMR deployment & training

    -Innovative hardware
    -Sustainable energy
    -Remote training


    -data validation


    -comparative research
    -grant funding

  • SCALED INTERVENTIONS & Evaluation of health outcomes



"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." -Mahatma Gandhi

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